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Johnson County Commissioner District 1 Candidate

Kindness, Respect, Necessity.

Putting money back in YOUR pocket. Keeping Johnson County prosperous, healthy, and safe!
Financially Conservative
In learning of the $1M interest free balloon note to a developer by the BOCC, it perked my interest to learn what motivated the County to agree to spend our money in such a unique fashion.
Bold Leader
Active Listener
Keen Observer

I care about the community and putting the people's priorities, and principals on which the County was founded over parties and personal gain. 

Called to Share

I was directly approached and asked to consider this position, and was met with a powerful, instinctive YES!  I naturally possess skills that can be used to make a remarkable difference in the lives of all people in Johnson County. 

Thank you, Johnson County Residents, for this opportunity to be of service and fill your lives with more of what matters to you as your next District 1 Johnson County Commissioner. 


  • I look forward to helping the BOCC identify and understand the difference between affordable and available housing, while creating solutions that are actually affordable according to you, the people.  

  • I look forward to finding solutions to stop your ever-increasing tax bill, yet keep you in the standard of living to which you have grown accustomed.  

  • I look forward to maintaining our position of a healthy, safe, and desirable place to live, work, and raise your families.

  • I look forward to hearing from you, and taking a stand for what you feel will benefit our community!  


I look forward to being your next servant leader!  



Sponsored by Audra McMahon for Johnson County Commission, Audra McMahon, Treasurer


  • More resources and support for public servants.

  • Public health and safety is imperative.

  • Tax abatement for fixed incomes, first responders, and educators.

  • Consequence to businesses who fail to honor their contracts on time and on budget.

  • Mental health and wellness as a way of life, not just a crisis response.

  • Identify a voting solution that is secure and workable for our various residents.

Be a part of spreading the good news!
Thank you for your willingness to make a monetary contribution, of any amount, to this campaign.  Your support will help boost District name recognition and help spread the good news that transformation is coming for Johnson County Kansas!  Your generosity and support is deeply humbling, and truly appreciated.  I wish paper marketing was not necessary, but we have reached the point that it is.  Here's to working toward this future paradigm shift as well!  Thank you!  


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