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Mortgage and money is not just a job, it's my life. I do this job because I know what an honor it is to have a home where you watch your life happen and your family grow. I also know how hard it is to think logically when you're going through a divorce. Emotions are high in any divorce, whether those feelings are anger, pain, sadness, etc.; they often cloud your ability to think straight. Now, you may not be the woman that is blinded in fits of rage, but maybe someone you know is, and you have been witness to the inability to rationalize when feelings get in the way. When emotions are involved, you may be inclined to make a decision to help you feel better RIGHT NOW vs. what may be best for you after the dust from divorce settles. I decided to focus on helping divorcing/divorced women because, as a divorced woman, I've had to learn to do a lot of things alone to protect and promote myself to greater success in this life and I want to share my knowledge and expertise to help other women, just like me.


There's no doubt that divorce hurts, but life moves on after it happens. Knowing that you cannot be a master of everything, I want to take my career mastery and share it with those that need help making money decisions regarding a large part of where their life happens: The home. I absolutely love my job and for very selfish reasons. I help people every day to find financial peace of mind in their mortgage. I help other people save money, and just as true as one plus one equals two, saving money always feels good, regardless of the person or situation. It's my passion to help women hurt from the pain of divorce to feel just a little better by using their mortgage as a tool to get there. When I help you, it makes me feel good. I told you it was selfish, but it's true. Thank you for considering my help.

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